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Films Of Jeet
  • Chandu: Jeet debuted in this Telegu film. Directed by K. Veeru in 2001 playing the title role opposite to female leads Preeti and Archana.
  • Saathi:With this film Jeetendra Madnani made a debut fresh into the world of Bengali films only to be known as our most beloved JEET. He made a big splash on Bengali screen with this film in which he plays an aspiring singer, Vijay whose life meanders from its track due to small mistake. This romantic, musical based on the theme of teenage love is directed by Haranath Chakraborty, produced by Shrikant Mohta ( Shree Venkatesh Films ), Co-stars Priyanka Trivedi, Ranjit Mullick in lead roles.The film released on 14th June,2002 at Priya, Prachi, Darpana, Bharati, Padmashree.
  • Nater Guru:Revolves around a poor boy, Robi ( Rabindra Nath Maitra) entering the rich household as a replacement for the groom-to-be and has a carefree attitude which drives the girl to fall head over heels in love with him. Directed by Haranath Chakraborty, produced by Sanjay Singha ( Sinjini Movies), Co-Starring Koel, Ranjit Mullick, Moushumi Chatterjee the film released on 11th April, 2003 at Prachi, Darpana, Bharati, Ellora, Padmashree.
  • Champion:Its all about a young man,Raja who cons his way into the heart of a irresistible young maiden only to discover after a long journey in glamorised stupidity that real love lies elsewhere. Directed by Ravi Kinnagi, produced by Shrikant Mohta , Mahendra Soni (Shree Venkatesh Films), Co Starring Shrabanti Chatterjee, Sandhita Mukherjee the film released on 6th June,2003 at Radha, Aruna, Bharati, Ajanta, Padmashree.
  • Amar Mayer Sapath: Casts Jeet in double role for the first time where he stands upright for the fulfilment of his mother's vow. Directed by Dulal Bhowmick, produced by Salim( Aftab Pictures) , Co-Starring Reshmi Ghosh, June Malia the film released on 15th Aug., 2003 at Prachi, Darpana, Bharati, Mohua.
  • Songi:This Haranath Chakraborty venture produced by Sanjay Singha ( Sinjini Movies Pvt. Ltd.) focusses on Vijay the be-spectaled, gentle, soft spoken son of a famous Siliguri industralist bumping into Roopa for love at first sight.The film Co-starring Priyanka Trivedi, Ranjit Mullick, Shilajit, Pratim Chatterjee released on 25 th Dec., 2003 at Prachi, Darpana, Bharati, Ellora, Padmashree.
  • Aakrosh:Abhimanyu Das an educated young man waiting for his passport to Singapore unwittingly turns to the underworld for employment. With this film Jeet sets out to be a action hero in Bengali Setting.Directed by Prashant Nanda produced by Ashok Dhanuka (Prateek Production) Co- Starring Rituparna Sengupta, Sabyasachi Chakraborty the film released on 14th May, 2004 at Minar, Bijoli, Chabighar, Padmashree.
  • Premi:It pins on Rahul and Sumit (Jishu), the best friends ever and possesing a great passion for football. Along comes Pooja (Chandana), a simple orphan girl from middle class family and steals Rahul's heart at first sight . But unfortunately he is misunderstood under circumstances . However, Rahul leaves no stone unturned to help Pooja in her time of distress without letting her know his identity. Directed by Ravi Kinnagi, Produced by Shrikant Mohta, Mahendra Soni ( Shree Venkatesh Films )and Rane ( Surender films ), Co-Starring Chandana Sharma, Jishu Sengupta the film flagged off on 25th June,2004 at Inox City Center, Minar, Bijoli, Chabighar, Padmashree, Ajanta.
  • Mastaan:Jeet here is a wronged crusader, Raja who bares his fangs and uses his musclepower to do away with those who came in the way of his don godfather. But later he shows up fatherly emotins with a kid landing up in his lap and becomes a blacksmith, Babukamar in bringing up the kid with all principles any good father will offer. Directed by Ravi Kinnagi, produced by Rane( Surender Films), Co-Starring Swastika Mukherjee, Mihir Das  the film flagged off on 21st October,2004 at Purabi, Aarti, Padmashree.
  • Bandhan: Jeet here protrays a loving dad,Rohit bringing up his son single handed after his wife's demise at childbirth.Directed by Ravi Kinnagi, produced by Shrikant Mohta, Mahendra Soni (Shree Venkatesh Films) the film features Koel Mullick, Victor Banerjee in lead roles.Released on 17th Dec,2004 the film showed at Mitra, Purabi, Ujjala, Padmashree,Ajanta.
  • Shakti: Jeet here plays a misunderstood hero, Shakti unable to voice his feelings to his lady love.Shakti here is inveterate,do-gooder showing power in all possile manifestations ranging from street fighting to lyric writing. The film Co-Starring Raima Sen, Shankar Chakraborty, Dulal Lahiri, directed by P. Shambsashiva Rao, produced by G.A.Sheshagiri and Vijay Khemkha(Padmalaya Telefilms Ltd. and Vijay films) released on 31st Dec,2004 at Minar, Bijoli, Chabighar, Mohua.
  • Manik:Revolves arond transformation of a illiterate village bumpkin, Manik Chandra Sandhukha to a sophisticated urbanite only to realise Manik is not Manik but someone else?? Directed by Prabhat Roy, produced by Pradip Bhardwaj (Ashadeep Enterprise), Co-Starring Koel, Ranjit Mullick the film released on 15th April,2005 at Mitra, Aruna, Purna, Padmashree, Ajanta.
  • Juddha:Focusses on a local crusader, Surya being transformed into a  honest, dutiful policeman under the able guidance of DSP Agnishwar Roy (played by Mithun Chakraborty). The film Co-Starring Mithun Chakraborty, Debashree Roy, Koel Mullick, directed by Ravi Kinnagi, produced by Shrikant Mohta, Mahendra Soni ( Shree Venkatesh Films) released throughout on 29th July, 2005 at Prachi, Mitra, Bharati, Padmashree, Ajanta .
  • Subhadristi:This Rajashree Production under Shree Venkatesh Films banner centers arond a teenish love of Arun (played by Jeet) and Koel heading towards the destiny through much harsh circumstances.The soft number 'jokhon porbe na more payer chinha...' makes all shed a few drops of tear alike. Directed by Prabhat Roy, Co-Starring Koel, Bharati Devi, Dilip Roy the film released on 4th Nov,2005 at Prachi, Darpana, Bharati, Padmashree, Ajanta. 
  • Chore Chore Mastuto Bhai:Jeet hera appears in a guest role in dance number. Directed by Anup sengupta, produced by Paban Kanoriya, Anup Sengupta , Nimai Panja the film released in Dec., 2005 at Mitra, Prachi, Bharati, Ellora, Padmashree.
  • Hero:The storyline centers around teenage romance.Male lead Jeet as Subho plays a College Student in this movie. His father a constable dreams of grooming him up into an IPS officer but Subho is youthful, and more involved with fun and frolic. He falls for a rich girl, Pooja, sister of a SP and their love is faced with troubles ahead. Directed by Swapan Saha, Produced by Rane (Surender Films) the film releasd on 20th Jan, 2006 at Basusree, Purabi, Taki Show House, Mahua, Ajanta.
  • Saathihara:Revolves around a mentally retarded Joy grooming into a renowned music director only to find his family stormed with clashes of egos. Staying at heights in his caree rhe finds himself deserted. Directed by Biresh Chatterjee, produced by Prabir Kumar Rakshit, Goutam Sinha Roy  Lakshmi Chitram, Kolkata), featuring Swastika Mukherjee, Meghna Halder in leads this film released all over on 24th Feb, 2006 at  Minar, Bijoli, Chabighar, Padmashree.
  • Priyotama:It unfolds the love story of Akash,(a foreign trained MBA taking over the enterpreneurship of his father's multinational company) under the guise of Journalist, Jojo with TV Starlet, Uttara Gomes and finally the complications following when real identity of Akash is revealed. Directed by Prabhat Roy, produced by Naresh Kumar Jain, Co-Starring Swastika Mukherjee, Shreya Pandey the film released on 11th Aug.,2006 at Minar, Bijoli, Chabighar, Padmashree.
  • Kranti:Jeet here true to his name believes only in victory , transforms a cruscade into a dramatic and invincible fight. He stands tall when faced with the gravest of challenges life has to offer. Kranti is a awakening call for the youth of our society. Directed by Ringo, produced by Mahendra Soni, Shreekant Mohta (Shree Venkatesh Films), Co-Starring Asish Vidyarthi, Swastika Mukherjee the film released on 29th Sep.,2006 at Prachi, Bharati, Navina, Star Theatre, Inox, Fame, Ellora, Padmashree.
  • Ghatak:Jeet here plays an unlettered, rustic man, Vijay stepping into city to give his brother a proper education. But they are trapped criminal under circumstances until rescued by Pooja. And ultimately Vijay is seen to show off his might albeit to take the revenge of two murders. Directed by Swapan Saha, produced by Rane (Surender Films) the movie released on 15th Dec.,2006 at Prachi, Darpana, Bharati, Padmashree.
  • Bidhataar Lekha:The film unravels the theme of reincarnation where the hero, Abhijit comes to Darjiling for a holiday and encounters a beautiful girl only to realise that not only have they fallen at a love at first sight but were tragic lovers destined to die early before. Directed by Raja Mukherjee, produced by Rani Mukherjee, Krishna Mukherjee (J.R. Entertainers), Co-Starring Priyangshu Chatterjee, Hrishita Bhatt the film released on 13th April, 2007 at Prachi, Darpana, Bharati, Pushpashree, Fame, Padmashree.
  • Pitribhumi:Stripping himself of all cliche-ridden stereotype Jeet playing Jayanta Dutta projects a completely different persona in terms of simple manner of dressing, his natural delivery of dialogue and his spontaneity. Despite of his NRI upbringing Jayanta is rooted to his soil and on his arrival to homeland is faced with a series of shocks. Directed by Prabhat Roy produced by Gautam Kundu (Rosevalley), Co- Starring Swastika Mukherjee, Dipankar Dey, Arun Banerjee the film released on 10th Aug., 2007 at Minar, Bijoli, Chabighar, Mahua, Ellora.
  • Krishnakanter Will: The film's release coincided with the birthday of our  beloved Jeet Da on 30th nov.,2007. The film was invited for world premier and widely acclaimed at th U.S.Film Festival, Atlanta,7th Oct.,2007.Jeet here plays the character Gobinda Lal. The film Co-stars Monali Thakur and Swastika Mukherjee as female leads.Directed by Raja Sen, produced by Brijesh Agarwal (Nilkandha Nirmaan Pvt. Ltd.) the film released at Nandan1, Priya, Mitra, Prachi, Star, Pushpashree, Mahua & others.
  • Jor: In this Swapan Saha venture released on 18th January,2008 Jeet plays the role of Surya, an aspiring athelete opposite Sumi played by Varsha Priyadarshini.This film directed by Swapan Saha,produced by Smt. Mukul Sarkar,T.Sirkar Productions was screened at Mohua, Minar, Bijoli, Chabighar, Pushpashree.
  • Partner:This film co-starring Swastika Mukherjee and Santu Mukherjee,directed by Shankar Roy,produced by New Horizon Films released on 25th July,2008 at Prachi, Mitra, Indira, Aleya.
  • Besides Telegu and Bengali Jeet  has worked in two other languages so far:
  • Suna Sankhali (Oriya):Directed by Ravi Kinnagi, produced by Pradeep (Tarini Cine Arts), Co- starring Swastika Mukherjee, Mihir Das the film released on 20th Jan.,2003.
  • Pyar Jab Kehu Se Hoi Jala (Bhojpuri):This film is a remake of his Bengali Blockbuster, Saathi.Directed by Umar Khan and produced by Shrikant Mohta,Shree Venkatesh Films the film Co-stars Divya Desai.This first Bhojpuri venture of Jeet was released in August,2008.

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